DB2TOP replay

Actually DB2TOP is a real-time tool, however many DBA’s don’t know that it can be run in REPLAY mode with captured session information. So, next time you have a big crisis with your database, you can capture all the data from db2top and do the analysis afterwards.

DB2 Dates format by region

To give a specific format to the date obtained throught DB2 “current date”, you can use the following method.

Detecting indexes not used DB2 9.7

This article shows a method to view the indexes not used in our database since the last reboot. There are another methods to obtain the same information, like the use of the LASTCOLUMN included on 9.7 version. This article will let you know what indexes are not being used, with the waste of resources involved.

Search more accessed tables in DB2

It’s relatively simple and unfamiliar tool for the novices: db2top.

Operations with dates in DB2

The following article shows simple examples of how to operate with dates in DB2 queries.

Uptime DB2

This mini article tells how to know when was the last time you restart a DB2 server on a UNIX / LINUX.

DUAL Table DB2: sysibm.sysdummy1

Coming from the Oracle world, you know that there is a table “dummy” call DUAL auxiliary operations used to, but in some cases very important. In DB2 this table is called sysibm.sysdummy1.