DB2 with BLU Acceleration for SAP

Every time it’s more common SAP environments running with DB2. Attached a video regarding the capabilities of DB2 with BLU Acceleration applied to SAP and all SAP notes to consider. Surprising comparative with SAP HANA, and as with less complexity and investment, you get more performance.

DB2 Top 10 SQL by Execution Time

How to obtain the db2 top 10 SQL sorted by Execution time on your database?

DB2 Top 10 SQL by Number of Executions

How to obtain the top 10 SQL sorted by number of executions on your database?

DB2TOP replay

Actually DB2TOP is a real-time tool, however many DBA’s don’t know that it can be run in REPLAY mode with captured session information. So, next time you have a big crisis with your database, you can capture all the data from db2top and do the analysis afterwards.

Options db2 command line – Disable autocommit

DB2 command line utility has different options. In this post we show how to disable the autocommit of DML statements that by default is active. In case you want to do some test, for example, simulating the use of locks could be helpful to disable this feature.

Resource Limits between DB2 Express-C versus Oracle XE and SQL Server Express

The free version of DB2 (DB2 Express-C) has much less limitations than those existing in Oracle and SQL Server, Oracle Express Edition 10g/11g and SQL Server 2005/2008 Express. This article shows this advantage you get with DB2 Express-C compared to Oracle/Microsoft SQL Server.

Rename database DB2

Is common practice to require a replica of a database on another different environment, and also require that the new database has a new name. For example, to update a pre-production database, backing up SAP homogeneous or simply to change the name of the database for any need.

Detecting indexes not used DB2 9.7

This article shows a method to view the indexes not used in our database since the last reboot. There are another methods to obtain the same information, like the use of the LASTCOLUMN included on 9.7 version. This article will let you know what indexes are not being used, with the waste of resources involved.

Version history DB2

This article shows the query to obtain the history of DB2 versions and patching. That is, not only shows the current version, but since when is installed / updated.

DB2 top rows

In this article we will see how to get the first N rows for a Query in DB2. You can do the same with Oracle ROWNUM function and in SQL Server with TOP too.